Songjiang Brand

  Songjiang ≠ Songjiang brand, Songjiang Rubber Joint ≠ Songjiang brand rubber joint, “Songjiang” is a trademark registered by Chongqing Songjiang pipeline equipment factory under Songjiang Electromechanical Group Co., Ltd. in the State Trademark Office, with the trademark number of 3048238、……. Songjiang trademark is an overseas, well-known and famous trademark recognized by the State Administration of industry and commerce. Songjiang in Shanghai, Songjiang in Beijing, Songjiang in Chongqing and Songjiang in Hebei Songjiang It can only be called place names, not trademarks. For example, Great Wall ≠ Great Wall doors and windows, Taishan ≠ Taishan Baozi and Taishan tires, Songhuajiang ≠ Songhuajiang milk powder and Songhuajiang cement. Songjiang rubber joint is just a kind of abbreviation for Songjiang brand rubber joint that some people are used to, but some colleagues use Songjiang brand rubber joint to publicize and claim that the price of this claimed product is much lower than that of the regular product, and it is a kind of imitated product in itself. Its technology and cost are much lower than that of the regular product, not the quality of the regular Songjiang brand product, Therefore, its profit margin is much higher than that of regular products, and the quality of such products cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when purchasing series products such as Songjiang brand rubber joint, Songjiang brand shock absorber, Songjiang brand water processor and Songjiang brand copper valve, we must check whether there are basic identity certificates such as trademark certificate, qualification certificate, test report, enterprise qualification, credit card, etc., so as to bring serious quality problems to our use and cause serious consequences.