About Songjiang

  Songjiang electromechanical equipment manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Songjiang electromechanical group, is mainly responsible for the R & D, production and overseas export of Songjiang brand shock absorption products in Shanghai. Its overseas business covers more than 100 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. Its sales volume and regional coverage have always been in the forefront of shock absorber enterprises. Songjiang brand shock absorption products have a high reputation and influence in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power, construction, heating, water supply, medicine, food, vacuum equipment, fire fighting equipment and other industries “SongJiang” trademark has won the title of overseas well-known trademark, and its products are deeply loved by users.
  Songjiang mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd. has a production base in Shanghai, which is responsible for R & D and production of Songjiang brand series valves and shock absorption products. It has strong technical force, complete production equipment, various automatic production equipment and testing equipment, and its own testing center, with the ability to develop, produce and test various valves and shock absorbers.
  The products exported by Songjiang machinery and electrical equipment manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd. are all manufactured according to the standards of the export regions, including API, ANSI, BS, DIN, NF and Japan JIS, JPI and other standards, the products include: Songjiang brand valve, Songjiang butterfly valve, Songjiang check valve, Songjiang gate valve, Songjiang stop valve, Songjiang hydraulic valve, Songjiang flexible rubber joint, Songjiang spring shock absorber, Songjiang rubber shock absorber, Songjiang hanger shock absorber, Songjiang stainless steel metal hose, Songjiang corrugated compensator and Songjiang brand Shock absorption pedestal, Songjiang brand automobile shock absorber, ship shock absorber, etc., are suitable for industrial and domestic places controlled by pipeline switch and valve, all kinds of water pumps, fans, air conditioning units, generator sets, diesel units, compressor sets, etc All kinds of equipment, such as vibration absorber, air conditioner, air conditioner, air conditioner and so on. There are more than 60 types and more than 1200 specifications of products, which can meet the positive and negative vibration isolation and vibration reduction needs in modern and future engineering construction.
  Songjiang mechanical and electrical equipment manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd. gathers talents to become a great cause, seeks development with innovation, aims at the demand of shock absorption field with international vision, and leads the industry progress. At present, the company has 16 middle and senior engineers, and its parent company has eight patents related to shock absorption, and has won 15 honorary titles, such as “high tech enterprise”, “China quality gold list”, “honor contract and keep promise”, first prize of scientific and technological progress. It is a rubber joint “drinking water standard” GB / t5750.4-2006, GB / t5750.6-2006, GB / t5750.8-2006, GB / t17219. It has passed the iso9001-2015 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, Shanghai enterprise safety production standard certificate and edible rubber joint inspection Test report, water related approval and other qualification certificates.
  Songjiang electromechanical equipment manufacturing (China) Co., Ltd. is based on the market with “customer first, common development”, unremitting efforts and double efforts. With the enterprise tenet of “holding the hand of Songjiang, always being a friend” and “having you all the way, Songjiang is stronger” based on China and facing the world.