Songjiang brand

  The “Songjiang” trademark of Songjiang Electromechanical Group Co., Ltd. has been successfully registered in the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, including more than 50 trademarks related to “Songjiang”, involving 18 categories of fields, such as rubber products, metal materials, mechanical equipment, advertising sales, etc., which fully protect the Songjiang brand series products produced by our company from the infringement of counterfeit and shoddy products.

  Our company’s products such as soft joint of Songjiang brand, shock absorber of Songjiang brand, valve of Songjiang brand and water processor of Songjiang brand have won the recognition of the market due to their excellent quality. They have won the honorary titles of famous trademark, famous trademark, first prize of scientific and technological progress and high-tech products at home and abroad. At the same time, our company has participated in the formulation of national standards for shock absorption products, and has become the designated brand supplier of damping products of relevant design units.

  Songjiang brand is a brand. Songjiang brand ≠ Songjiang XX company ≠ Songjiang XX brand ≠ Songjiang group. The genuine Songjiang brand products are embossed with Songjiang trademark mark, Songjiang brand qualification certificate, Songjiang brand product code and other marks. The contract indicates Songjiang brand XX product, and provides the VAT invoice, Songjiang registered trademark certificate, Songjiang brand product warranty, etc, Please recognize the Songjiang brand and be careful of counterfeiting.