As a production enterprise of authentic Songjiang brand series shock absorption products, Songjiang Electromechanical Group produces Songjiang brand rubber soft joints that have the functions of shock absorption, noise reduction, compensation, and convenient equipment and pipeline maintenance and disassembly. They can effectively protect the pipeline system and are an indispensable part of central air conditioning, water pumps, fans, and pipelines. However, the installation of rubber flexible joints must be strictly in accordance with the product installation manual and correctly installed. The sealing surface of the matching flange must use a special flange for sealing rubber pipeline products, such as a DN300 flange. The inner diameter size of the sealing surface must not exceed 300mm. It is necessary to ensure that the sealing surfaces of the matching flanges and rubber joints of the pipeline are connected correspondingly without eccentricity of the same diameter. The connecting bolts must be tightened diagonally until the bolt pads are fully compressed to ensure that the rubber joint and pipeline connection do not expand and stretch the rubber joint due to the instantaneous explosive force inside the pipeline and the internal stress generated by the pipeline medium during operation, resulting in loosening of the sealing surface. During the operation and use of the product, the bolts may become loose and cause displacement, sliding out of their original position, causing the product to crack and leak water, It may also cause damage such as rupture and water leakage, resulting in unnecessary losses. The following figure shows a case where the customer did not select a special flange as required and did not tighten the connecting bolts diagonally during installation.
  Songjiang Electromechanical Group once again reminds users that the installation of Songjiang brand rubber soft joints must be strictly carried out, otherwise it may cause incalculable consequences and losses.